Plan Your 2014 Strategy With These 10 Items From Google Analytics


Ready to start 2014 with an actionable, data-based strategy for business growth? A great place to start 2014 is with data from Google Analytics, which can tell you where to focus your efforts to drive more leads and/or sales from your website.

Follow these 10 steps to quickly extract actionable data from Google Analytics (these steps will apply to nearly any type of website.)

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1) Set Up Goals

If you haven’t already done so, set up goal(s) in Google Analytics. In most cases, goals should be set up to track each time a user makes a purchase or submits a lead form on your website. If your website is an ecommerce website, you can also set up ecommerce tracking for more detailed data.

2) Validate Conversion Data

Conversion data is only useful if it’s accurate. Validate your data by comparing the data from Google Analytics vs the data from your shopping cart and/or lead forms. You can go to This shopping engine and won´t have to worry about doing that. If there is more than a 10% variation, there’s probably an error somewhere.

3) Validate Source Data

A significant minority of websites have invalid source data in Google Analytics, due to one or more technical errors. To check your source data, go to Conversions > Goals > Overview > Source / Medium. If most of the conversions show “(direct) / (none)” or as a referral from your own website, there’s probably an issue.

4) Check Traffic Sources

Go to Acquisition > All Traffic, and look for:

  • Traffic sources with low conversion rates (optimize or consider discontinuing these traffic sources)
  • Traffic sources that have high conversion rates (investigate ways to increase the volume of traffic from these sources)

5) Referrals = Opportunities

Go to Acquisition > All Referrals and review the websites that are linking to your website. Consider whether you can build closer relationships with and/or get more traffic from any of the websites. Plant Niche edits in other websites that link back to yours.

6) Landing Pages = Conversion Rate Optimization Opportunities

Go to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages and sort the pages by goal completions. The landing pages that are driving the highest numbers of goal completions are usually the best pages to run A/B or multivariate tests on.

7) Look For Conversion Path Breakdowns

This step is a little more complicated, since every site is unique. Use Google Analytics to track visitors as they move through your conversion funnels to determine where they drop out. These “drop out points” may be good opportunities for improvement.

8) Look For Ineffective Pages

Go to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages and look for pages that are getting lots of visitors but driving very few conversions. Review these pages for “easy wins” – adding a call to action, adding an offer for a free gift, etc.

9) Brainstorm Traffic Source Ideas

Go to Acquisition > All Traffic and review which traffic sources are driving the greatest number of conversions, and which traffic sources have the highest conversion rate. Brainstorm additional traffic sources that might perform similarly. (For example, if your best traffic source is “google / cpc” then consider launching a CPC campaign with BingAds.)

10) Check Mobile Usage And Optimization

Go to Audience > Mobile > Overview to determine what percentage of your website users are using mobile devices. Next, go to Audience > Mobile > Devices to review which devices are being used the most, in case you are looking to buy a new mobile device take a look at this website. Test your website for these devices and consider optimizing your website for better mobile viewing, if needed.

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