In Depth: Using Google Adwords Scheduling to Increase Profits


How to Find Opportunities to Change the Schedule of Your Ads to Increase Sales

Improving the performance of a paid search account is a constant battle. You should always be on the lookout for ways to lower costs, increase ROI, and drive more sales from the paid search efforts according from Salterra SEO Company in Colorado.

One way to find new opportunities within your Google Adwords account is to look at the dimensions of time. You can find these opportunities in your own account by going to the dimension tab and clicking the drop down for time to see the opportunities that exist.

Discover How Your Customers Act Differently by Viewing the Dimensions of Time

It might not seem exciting to look at the patterns in your Adwords account until you start to think of what you will discover.

Every customer has a unique life. They are in new situations daily and their patterns in life affect how, when, and why they search for your product or service. To set an example, an e-commerce store might have traffic 24 hours while at where they have the best impact indicators might have better results from 8am – 6pm.

The results that you can achieve by finding time opportunities are as follows:

  • Increase CTR (Click Through Rate) by avoiding showing ads where customers are less likely to click. By studying the history of your account you can find out when your click through rate drops.
  • Finding out when the cost of your sales increase. When you can find areas where the cost of sales increase you can make adjustments to bring the costs back in line.
  • Increase ROI. By finding opportunities of time you can increase the ROI of your account by making adjustments to limit waste.

Find Opportunities at Different Dimensions of Time


The types of opportunities within the account can seem nearly limitless.

We are going to look at several different time dimensions so you can look for them in your account.

The dimensions that I am going to outline are the first dimensions of time I look at in an account when looking to take advantage of consumer behavior patterns.

  • Hour of the Day. Everyone works they just work at different times. Are your consumer buying from you while they are supposed to be at work or
  • Day of the week. Look for a day of the week where your costs are higher than normal or better than average. Deviations of even a couple of percentage points can pay off big.
  • Weekly Trends. Does a pattern develop over weeks that you can capitalize on?
  • Monthly Trends. How do your customers act month to month? Are they paid at a certain time of the month that allows them to do more business with your company?

I will provide examples of how to find these answers within your pay per click account.

Hour of the Day Opportunities

The screen shot to the right is a set of data from a client who was running ads at all hours of the day.


CPC (cost per click) rises with the level of competition so we want to be careful not to make blanket statements about CPC rising at different hours of the day.

This client was generating leads for their business.

In this example a few items stand out:

  • The cost per conversion is lower in the early am hours compared to the peak time in the middle of the day
  • CTR increases in the later hours and early am times of the day

Accounts do not exist in a vacuum and it would be dangerous to make decisions on an account without knowing more about the business.

This client was only looking at their average lead cost when they first came to us. They were unaware that there were times of the day that the leads were costing them 50% more than their target.

Looking at the hourly data can help you spot trends where you may be paying more than desired so you can adjust your account.

Day of the Week Opportunities

Every week is a new opportunity. Some customers receive their paychecks weekly, others monthly, and still others twice a month. With different paydays and buying behaviors, finding a day of the week for opportunity can be an exciting adventure.

In the screenshot below, we have highlighted the peak day for this client. Wednesday’s were great days for this particular client. Finding a great conversion day should lead you to ask the question “why is this day better than the others?”

You can use these peak days to create offers on other days of the week to increase your account performance. We will cover more on capitalizing on the opportunities later in this article.

Review the day of the week data by navigating to the day of the week time dimension.


When looking at the day of the week time dimension I ask the following questions:

  • Is there a day that is receiving a greater precentage of orders or sales?
  • Why is the day receiving more sales?
  • Are their days of the week that have a low sales amount that can be improved?
  • Are we getting all the traffic possible on each day for the budget we have?
  • How can I improve my target metrics?
    • Can I improve CTR on low performing days?
    • Can I lower my CPA?

Combine the knowledge of your market with the dimension of time and you will be able to locate new opportunities for your account.

3 Items to Watch When Looking for Opportunities in Your Account on the Dimension of Time

Looking for opportunities within the dimension of time is exciting. There are mistakes you want to avoid to prevent incorrect assumptions. I have found avoiding the three mistakes below is critical to locating opportunities.

  1. Analyzing Early in the Account. Looking for opportunities in a new account can be difficult. There needs to be sufficient history over multiple quarters to provide sufficient data.
  2. Failing to Account for Seasonal Differences. Every business has seasonal differences. As an example looking at a retailers account for December could lead you to very different conclusions because of the holiday season. Always find out as much about the business and the past they have had to use in your analysis of time dimensions.
  3. Not Reviewing Multiple Time Periods. Trends often need multiple months to appear. Review your time dimension over multiple quarters at a minimum. When possible review time data on a year-to-year basis to locate opportunities.

Avoiding these 3 mistakes will help you locate real opportunities and not data anomalies.

A New Strategy to Take Advantage of Time Opportunities With Enhanced Campaign Features

Locating your time opportunities is the first step. The next step is to take advantage of these opportunities.
Let’s look at a strategy that is now available in the new enhanced campaigns. This new feature wasn’t previously available and allows you to quickly take advantage of new time dimension opportunities.

Using Enhanced Sitelinks

Enhanced sitelinks are an effective and quick to implement tactic to take advantage of time opportunities.
In the new enhanced campaigns you can schedule sitelinks to have defined start and end date, appear only on certain days of the week, or appear at a certain time of the day.

With new enhanced sitelinks you can now quickly take advantage of time opportunities.

Without having to change ads you can add enhanced sitelinks to appear during times you want to increase response. These new enhanced sitelinks provide an easy method to offer daily or seasonal specials.

After you upgrade to the new enhanced campaigns put the new sitelinks into action to take advantage of the time opportunities you discovered.

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