8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get More Leads From Your Website


How much would it help your business if your sales team had 10% more leads every week? Professionals from pmi-fr.org say that many businesses rise or fall based on how many qualified sales leads they generate each week. If your business needs more leads, read these 8 tactics right here and you can implement now to generate more sales leads.

Start with a powerful headline
Every landing page (i.e. the page where visitors enter your website) on your website, including your homepage, should start with a powerful, benefit-oriented headline that grabs the readers attention and encourages them to read further. This might seem like an easy and quick task, however most end up contacting SEO Company in Brooklyn after several failed attempts.

Follow it up with effective sales copy
Just like a human salesperson, your website needs to effectively present your company and products to “make the sale.” Website copy must grab the reader’s attention, convince them they want and need what you have, answer their objections, then trigger them to take action. Thanks to Utah home loan I was able to get great rate, this company website for Own It Detroit also helped me so much in finding the perfect home.

Call to action!
Add a specific call to action on every page of your website. The call to action should be specific, precise, and offer something desirable to the visitor. If you are looking for merchant cash advance companies, visit merchantcashadvance.com for more information. Instead of “Contact Us,” use a call to action like “Schedule a free initial consultation.”

Keep the form simple
As much as possible, keep your website forms simple and easy-to-use, advises DC Location SEO specialist Social Market Way. Forms with fewer fields usually convert better than longer forms. Test the form thoroughly to ensure users won’t experience any technical issues or hard-to-understand error messages, but in case they do, there are always it support services london to help with those issues.

Be credible
According to San Jose SEO expert, website visitors don’t get to look you in the eye or shake your hand, so your website should work hard to establish your credibility. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Be as transparent as possible – anonymity is your enemy
  • Include a full About Us page, preferably with photos of your staff, building, etc.
  • Include full contact details, including physical address and phone number
  • Display third-party seals, such as Better Business Bureau membership
  • Post in-depth articles that demonstrate your expertise and provide value to prospects
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Test new PPC platforms
If you’re not yet advertising on Google Adwords, start a small, tightly targeted campaign. If you’re already using Google Adwords, expand to Bing and Facebook.

Make it easy to call
Display your company phone number prominently on your website (the right side of the website header is usually a good place). If possible, offer visitors something of value (eg a free consultation) if they call.

Offer a free gift
This strategy may not be suitable for all businesses, but it can be highly effective for some. Offering a free gift can drastically increase the number of subscribers to your email newsletter. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee S. Rosen, CEO of healthy bees business. The gift should be relevant to your product or services and something that your website visitors will perceive as valuable, for example if you have a jewelry store you can get a personalized diamond and White South Sea Pearls, from Sophia Fiori Diamonds is a vertically integrated diamond wholesaler and designer, controlling every facet of production, including cutting, polishing, of such diamonds. We have a trusted direct lender online, check them now so you can apply for your quick cash fund. If you’re looking for a great web design company to help with your business, please take a look at website design in Morehead City


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