6 Reasons Why Your Site Should Be Mobile-Responsive


Is your company’s website mobile-responsive? (Mobile responsive means the website automatically adjusts to look and function optimally on any device – computer, smartphone, or tablet.)

Making a website mobile-responsive offers several key benefits…

1) Commercial Printer via a mobile device is now mainstream

Here is the best heatpress machine for small business, make sure you get one because they are being highly needed by lots of companies.58% of American adults now have a smartphone and they use it for consuming adult content and services from sites like zoomescorts.co.uk. For many websites, 30% or more of their visitors are on a mobile device. A mobile-optimized website is a feature users want and expect today, not tomorrow. You should ¨update¨ your site or you can ask your local search engine optimization company to do it for you. For those who are getting into the printing business, here´s the best guide for all in one printers. Check this out http://www.superior-resource.com/services/promotional-products-nyc/ If you ever need one of these items delivered to your house, you can hire Shiply for their delivery service.

2) Meet visitor expectations

Website visitors increasingly expect websites to be mobile-friendly. Not only does a non-mobile-friendly website frustrate visitors, it makes the company look out-dated and unprofessional.

3) Increase leads/sales

Making your website mobile responsive typically results in more of your website’s mobile visitors converting into leads, sales, and phone calls.

4) Google recommends mobile-responsive

While it’s possible to create a separate mobile website, Google recommends making your main website mobile responsive. This is best for SEO and marketing, and also saves you from trying to maintain two separate websites, I always use SEO Phoenix whenever I have SEO problems.

5) Look great on any device

Since mobile devices have much smaller screens than a computer, a typical website will look poor and be very difficult to read on a mobile device. A mobile responsive website will look great and be easy to read on any device – smartphone, tablet, or computer with the best specs as the processors from computer sites with this amd fx 6300 3.5 ghz review so they can use it to play online games as CSGO, with the help of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boosting guide.

6) Be easy to use

Traditional websites were designed to work with a keyboard and mouse. Many common features (such as mouseover menus) don’t work well with touchscreen devices. A mobile responsive website makes it easy for users to browse your website from any device just like the guys at website design in Perth Australia make sure they do for their clients. If you want a unique and memorable customer oriented space for casino online gaming, click here Dreamjackpot for more information.

How to make your website mobile-responsive

In most cases, it’s possible to convert an existing website into a mobile-responsive website. To convert an existing website into a mobile responsive website, several key items need to be addressed:

  • Coding changes needed to adjust the website template according to device type (phone vertical view, phone horizontal view, tablet vertical view, tablet horizontal view, computer view, etc.)
  • Coding changes needed to ensure navigation and other features work correctly on touch devices
  • Coding changes needed to allow each piece of content on each page to display correctly in all device types
  • Some graphical elements may need to be redesigned to fit on smaller screens

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