Why Women Change Their Facebook Profile Pictures More Often


Thanks to recent research by Pixable, we know that women change their Facebook profile pictures more often then men do.  But why?

Is this just a reflection of the fact that women spend more time on Facebook? Think again!

Here’s how it came to my attention:  I kept noticing the update in my Facebook feed of my friends that had just changed their profile picture.  It dawned on me that usually 80-90%+ of these users were female almost every time.

Well, perhaps most of my Facebook friends are female?  Wrong again.   As you can see in the info-graphic below, over 60% of my Facebook friends are male:

Facebook Friends Male vs Female

As of this post’s writing, I have 1,005 Facebook friends – so I have definitely have a sizable “pool” to draw data from.

So here is the question I posed to my Facebook friends:

Here is what some of my male friends said:

Because women are insecure! lol, I don’t know man, beats me…

(Author’s Note: This guy dosen’t have a girlfriend in case you were wondering.)

Why do women wear make-up? Why do women buy so many clothes just to be dis-satisfied? Why do women throw a base ball like a girl? Who cares! I just love’em know matter what they do.

(Author’s Note: This guy does have a girlfriend.)

I’ve heard it said, “any advertising is good advertising”

My fellow internet marketing colleague, Noah Boswell, said:

And here’s what the women themselves had to say:

I can’t tell you. I changed mine recently but hadn’t changed it for six months before that. Maybe it is because girls just like to have fun…

I figure guys don’t because as my husband says, “guys are just plain lazy.” (Hey, I didn’t say it!)

I change mine depending on what’s going on in my life – a picture of my mom close to Mother’s Day or of my dad near Father’s Day, a picture of my kids near their birthdays, a VT pic when they’re playing, a SF Giants one when they’re playing, etc. I think of that as part of my post….it tells what’s going on with me! =)

I would just be guessing since I pretty much keep mine the same. I would guess it’s because women are relationship builders and there’s much more to a person than just one frozen moment. They instinctively know many snapshots would give a more well rounded picture of who they really are. Essentially they want to know people and they want others to know them. Probably over-analyzing it. The truth is they most likely just like taking and sharing a lot of photos!

(Author’s Note: She is married.)

Because they know that guys are visual.

Women are more likely to have more pictures of themselves and change them frequently because they find something wrong with the current one that they didn’t notice at first

(Author’s Note: Not married.)

Every time a “single” girl changes her profile pic it is displayed on all her single guy friends’ news feed…simple marketing.

(Author’s Note: Mother of 5 daughters!)

I had no idea that changing the pic displayed it on others’ sites but I get tired of looking at the same picture, women are trained to be more sensitive to their looks because it is considered part of reflecting their value as a person more than is impressed upon men, and since women are more concerned with appearances then with profile images they would want to them be fresh and hopefully better than the last. That’s what I think, Zachary.

(Author’s Note: She is single.)

There definitely seems to be a common thread in these comments!  What do you think?

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Written by RYP Admin

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