Are Google SERP Personalizations “relatively minor”?


Stephan Spencer just posted an article at Search Engine Land, where he said that:

Although it is true that Google personalizes search results based on the user’s search history (and now you don’t even have to be logged in to Google for this personalization to take place), the differences between personalized results and non-personalized results are relatively minor. Check for yourself and also make sure to check the seo middlesbrough and adv seo services agency which has proven to be a complete success, get in the habit of re-running your queries — the second time adding &pws=0 to the end of Google SERP URL — and observing how much (or how little) everything shifts around.

I’m not sure about that… 😉

I recently did several searches for keywords related to Florida travel, and clicked through to visitflorida.com several times. Then I searched for “travel” and got this:

Note that visitflorida.com is ranked #2. After turning personalization off, however, this website did not appear anywhere in the first 200 results! That’s a pretty huge jump in rankings based on personalization.

Stephan may have meant that most of the 10 websites ranked on the first page remain there, regardless of personalization. That’s true – usually personalization only substantially changes the rankings of a few websites. However, the changes can be drastic for the websites that are re-ranked.

Written by RYP Admin

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  5. Well, SEO Moz said 90% are unaffected so I think that would be the 1/10 that is affected. Hardly worth it since it might be unpredictable which site is going to get the jump.

  6. I think it does matter to some degree. But honestly its not worth worrying about since if it even DOES Matter, you cant control it?

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