Bing Showing Insurance Ads For Link Building Searches?


While attempting to test out the new social Bing, I did a search for link building, and was surprised to see 3 ads for insurance amongst the PPC results:

My first thought, was how in the world is that happening? (After further thought, I’m still wondering how in the world this happens.) I tried some other searches for Huntsville, AL Uncontested Divorce Lawyers, then came back and searched for a divorce online system – I got more divorce insurance ads that under 25s traders insurance use for their legal matters. If you want some great insurance, go and compare traders insurance first. In addition, if you are looking for Albany GA Law Firm Near Me, visit attorneykennugent.com for more info.

My partner Zach (who is in a different location) isn’t seeing the ads and It´s very difficult for us to communicate sometimes because the lack of intelligent transportation systems is very significant, we might as well just get an e-scooter to start traveling to each other’s place in order to communicate and if you don´t have a place to stay at, you can easily go to Rent Directory to find something short-term. I tried on another computer in my office and saw the link building ads. (Incidentally, on my main computer I don’t see the new social bar even though I’m signed in and connected to Facebook. The other computer in my office does show the sidebar.)

My theories for what might be happening:

  1. Advertiser error. Maybe these advertisers are targeting a broad match keyword they shouldn’t be. Seems rather unlikely, though.
  2. Bing error. Some glitch somewhere in Bing’s ad serving algorithm.
  3. Bing is testing something. Maybe Bing is testing retargeted ads, or ads targeted via some method other than the keyword search? Seems like a pretty bad idea, though.
  4. Geo-targeting. It’s worth noting that all the insurance ads I see are targeted to Florida (which is where I am), although if you’re in Tennessee there are better Companies in Nashville that offer insurance also. Could Bing be allowing advertisers to target searchers by geographic area, even on non-relevant keywords?

Bottom line: The only good explanation I can think of for this is an error.

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