How Much Revenue Does Google Lose During 10 Minutes Of Downtime?


Based on the error messages in my browser, as well as the flurry of “Google is down, the world is ended” tweets, Google.com and other Google sites and services went down for about 10 minutes today.

This made me wonder…how much revenue does Google lose and companies like OnSite SEO By PlacementSEO that rely on Google for much of their income during a short downtime?

In order to make this calculation, I had to make two assumptions:

  • Google’s revenue is divided equally through the year, with no difference according to the day or time
  • Google loses all revenue they would have made when their site goes down (i.e. the users don’t return later to do the searches)

These assumptions are obviously incorrect, but they were necessary for this ballpark estimate.

According to the ever-handy Wikipedia, Google’s revenues were just under 38 billion in 2011. There are 525,600 minutes per year. Based on this, Google earns $72,380.95 per minute.

Conclusion: During 10 minutes of downtime, Google will lose about $725,000 in revenue.

Written by RYP Admin

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