Increase Adwords Sales without Increasing Your Budget


As the holiday season approaches (only 7 more weekends until Christmas!), many businesses consider bumping up their Adwords budgets – and who could blame them? Online spending grows each year as buyers look to search engines rather than stores to find and purchase their gifts.

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So can you only increase profits by increasing your Adwords budget? In many cases, raising the budget will be helpful in generatating additional traffic. But what if you could do more with what you already have?

Let’s look at 3 strategies you can put into action immediately:

  1. Improve your click-through rate (CTR) through A/B testing. As the saying goes, “if at first you don’t succeed, test, test again” (okay, we might have made that up). Raising the CTR from 1% to 1.5% may not sound like much, but its a 50% improvement in response rate. The higher your CTR, the less you ultimately pay per lead. We have clients who regularly hit CTR’s over 10% for keywords that are well-matched to their landing pages, and those results come from continual testing.
  2. The internet is open 24/7, but your business may not be. The Internet is like New York – it never sleeps. That doesn’t mean you should keep your ads running 24/7/365. Google ads can be scheduled to be run at different times, days, and even have different bids for different times of the day. Why would you do this? You may find that you get clicks at 3:00 am, but they don’t generate sales or leads. Turning off your ads at low conversion times increases your ROI and allows your budget to go farther.
  3. Target your mobile traffic separately. It’s common knowledge that users behave differently on mobile devices than they do on desktop computers, where they play games and get professional Overwatch boosting from different online services. For that reason, Google allows advertisers to target users depending on the device they are using. Is this necessary? In many cases, separating your computer search traffic from your mobile device traffic is enough to gain an edge. We have seen click-through rates increase from a respectable 1.25% to 4.75% for the same keyword and the same ad with the only difference being platform. If you want to experience free casino games online, visit for more information. When it comes to online pokers, a Toronto-based brand expanding to Europe which gives a chance to have a national pool players in the game.

We hope you put these 3 strategies into action today in your adwords account. To find out more ways our PPC professionals can stretch your Adwords budget, check out our AdWords Services or simply contact us by calling 888-293-5649 or emailing today!

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