What Are The Benefits Of Guest Posting?


It seems like every year some SEO London hits the scene and makes a really big splash with the online community. Too many of these strategies are short-sighted gimmicks aren’t focused on delivering value to real users. In other words, a future Google algorithm update is likely to penalize websites who use the tactic. In my opinion, guest is NOT one of these short-sighted gimmicks. It has however been utilized in cut-throat industries such as buy youtube views SERPs (check that site for more details). In any case, guest blogging can offer significant benefits to both the user and the marketer. Speaking of marketing, checkout for the best online product review available.

Guest posting (aka guest blogging) has been around for years – since long before the SEO community started using (and abusing it). In the PR world, this tactic has been called “by-lined articles“.

Since you’re reading this article already, I’m going to assume that you already have a pretty good idea of what guest blogging means. Check out “How to Guest Blog Like a Champion” if you need a refresher course, like cool diagrams, or just want awesome info on how to beef up your guest posting efforts. This post will instead focus on 3 specific benefits of actively pursuing this highly effective content marketing strategythat guest posting offers to webmasters and marketers:

  • Backlinks for SEO
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Public Relations / Brand Exposure

The Benefits Of Guest Blogging for SEO

Guest blogging allows SEOs to gain a followed backlink from a relevant article, on a relevant site. Don’t over-focus on SEO metrics, though: guest posting needs to deliver exceptional value to users first and foremost. For great SEO in Omaha, Nebraska is a great place to check out.

After Google’s Panda and Penguin updates dealt a crippling blow to article marketing, many SEOs started to use guest blogging instead like this soft water website. Many of these SEOs simply use the same type mediocre content, though. To gain long term SEO benefits from guest blogging, focus on quality. In short, you should:

  1. Create guest blog posts that are of “exceptional” quality.
  2. Pick the best blogs to publish your guest post on.

Tip: to help you select high quality blogs, see how many social shares the posts are receiving using our free RSS Social Analyzer.

In addition to backlinks, guest posting can provide another SEO benefit – one that will perhaps be even more important than links in the near future. Guest blogging on authority blogs is theorized to have a positive effect on your AuthorRank. Posting high quality content on authority sites that gets shared on Google+ is believed to increase your AuthorRank. A higher AuthorRank will likely boost other pages/articles you’ve written, as well as boost the SEO value of the links within the content you produce.

How To Guest Blog for Traffic

Guest posting can also be very effective for driving traffic back to your website. Search Engine Marketing is an amazing strategy to attract new customers and drive traffic. To maximize the benefits you get from guest blogging for traffic, ensure you’re following these tips:

  1. Only guest post on blogs where the audience is likely to be interested in what your site offers.
  2. Choose blogs with strong existing audience (use traffic metrics and/or social sharing metrics to estimate the audience).
  3. Write exceptionally good content with a compelling headline.
  4. Try to work a link/call to action inside the blog post (most blogs don’t appreciate commercial plugs in guest posts, but you can usually cite and link to data or articles on your website).

With the right content on the right site, your guest post can also gain search engine rankings and social media sharing that will drive more visitors to your guest post. You may also want to try the experts at Ascent SEO for all your advertising needs.Scoring a guest post on a really high traffic blog could lead to some very big traffic spikes as well as a continuous flow of visitors over the long term if your content is good enough and ranks well in the search engines.

The Benefits Of Guest Blogging For PR

There are many ways that guest blogging can benefit your brand and visibility. Here are a few:

  • Gain recognition. If you manage to get published on the top 10 blogs about your industry, people will notice. Once they have seen you on 1 or 2 they may say, “I recognize that person.”
  • Get bragging rights. You can cite your guest posts on your website and social media profiles to show that your industry expertise has been recognized by third-party publications.
  • Build contacts. Guest blogging will help you create connections with other bloggers and industry leaders.

Is it Worth It?

By now you should understand how a well-planned guest posting strategy can benefit your organization’s SEO, website traffic and public relations. But, like any savvy business owner, you’re probably wondering if the ROI makes it a worthwhile tactic. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. The success or failure of this type of strategy is directly related to:

  • Your ability to choose the right opportunities
  • The quality of the content you produce
  • Your strategy to capitalize on the exposure, traffic, and backlinks you gain. Contact Lee S. Rosen to lean more about business and marketing.

Guest blogging isn’t an overnight success recipe. Instead, it’s a marathon approach that will gain serious momentum after you get pass the initial stages. Is it worth it? Why not go and find out?

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  1. Guest Blogging is definitely a great online marketing strategy. There’s really only one problem with it. As it gets more popular the waters get muddied with spammers who build blogs just to post guest posts. Which is fine but they also tend to ignore quality.

    Yes, do guest blogging just make sure the site seems trustworthy.

  2. Great stuff Adam. I’m a huge fan of guest blogging. That said, since Penguin it seems like its popularity as an SEO tactic has exploded and in some cases that means there are junk blogs that give the tactic a bad name, and in general the volume of irrelevamt pitches that good blogs receive makes it tough for those doing it legitimately to get through. What have you guys seen over the past year or two in terms of how guest blogging has changed?

    • Thanks for the comment, Jon. I think we’re seeing similar trends to what you’re seeing. A lot of low quality guest posting has polluted the guest posting “industry”. The result has been the proliferation of mediocre quality “made for guest posting” blogs, and high quality blogs who are now tired of getting pitched. We find it is now much harder to find high quality blogs that will accept guest posts.

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  4. You’ve well explained it about the benefits of guest posting, its proved strategies to rank a web site or keyword. By guest blogging, business, E commerce websites will get targeted customers.

    Thanks to the post.

  5. Nice post Adam, the thing about guest posts is that they do work you just need to make sure that you are writing with high quality in mind. To many people push out guest posts which are low quality and only do negatives for the website.

    I would also watch the diversity of anchor text when doing guest posts, too many people push out guest posts with a high use of the same anchor text which can be a problem in my eyes.

  6. Guest posting is critical in today’s content age. For SEO, it can provide authorship benefits and with Google’s latest algo changes, expect to see this more and more. Guest blogging is a legit link/brand development strategy.

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