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3 Reasons Why Your Headlines Aren’t Getting Clicked

At the heart of every content marketing strategy is a core set of goals – establishing industry authority, cultivating an audience, and building consumer trust being a few of the foremost. But to even begin to tackle those goals, marketers have to persuade web users to actually lay eyes on their content. And that’s why… Read more »

Outreach Fake Identity FAIL (Why You Should Be Authentic When Doing Link Building Outreach)

It has become all too common for link building outreach people to use fake identities – fake names, fake photos, fake credentials, etc. As the editor of a semi-popular technology blog, I can assure you it’s incredibly annoying to be lied to in such a fashion. Just today, I received an outreach email from “Alex… Read more »

3 Social Media Marketing Bloopers [And What We Should Learn From Them]

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. And with great power…comes great responsibility. The very nature of Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms makes it nearly impossible to cover up a mishap without hundreds of eyes catching it. Just a few mouse clicks and retweets later, and your business’s little blunder is an internet… Read more »

Top 5 Free Javascript Rotating Banners

Within the first few seconds on a new website, users quickly decide whether to stay or bounce. This short attention span has driven the need to provide instant user engagement, hence the proliferation of rotating banners in modern web design. The good news is, there are a plethora of free options available for nearly every… Read more »

5 Signs Your Blog Comment Etiquette May Need Improvement

The modern blogosphere has taken idea-sharing and interaction to completely new levels. We find ourselves rubbing virtual elbows with a wider circle of people than ever before, we find it easier to neglect basic etiquette. Remember those people you were rubbing elbows with? They could be your next business connection, client, or an emerging industry… Read more »

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