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Free CSS3 Add to Cart Buttons for Your E-Commerce Site

Having a well-designed button can increase conversion rates, but can be a difficult idea to implement. Some websites use images to create their buttons, but this can be problematic at times. Images can be difficult to align properly, load slower than the rest of the site, and are not easy to customize. The tools for… Read more »

Top 5 Free Javascript Rotating Banners

Within the first few seconds on a new website, users quickly decide whether to stay or bounce. This short attention span has driven the need to provide instant user engagement, hence the proliferation of rotating banners in modern web design. The good news is, there are a plethora of free options available for nearly every… Read more »

7 Free, High-Quality Magazine-Style WordPress Themes

While free WordPress themes are a dime-a-dozen, finding high quality themes that aren’t a standard blog layout can be tough. One of my recent projects required me to find a magazine-style theme and the best theme for amazon affiliate, which I found surprisingly difficult. Most themes were either low-quality, outdated, or not free. Hence I… Read more »

Easy CSS3 Buttons

I’ve recently finished working on a Shopify theme we plan to release here in a few weeks. In designing this theme I decided I’d crack open the CSS3 jar for use on the buttons. It’s a free theme so we weren’t too worried about a visually pleasing theme in IE6 – so why not? CSS3… Read more »

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