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What Are The Benefits Of Guest Posting?

It seems like every year some SEO London hits the scene and makes a really big splash with the online community. Too many of these strategies are short-sighted gimmicks aren’t focused on delivering value to real users. In other words, a future Google algorithm update is likely to penalize websites who use the tactic. In… Read more »

Want To Rank #1 On Google? Start By Making Your Content Worthy Of Being #1!

What does Google really want? slide first inc‘s goal is to rank the best page/site/company in the top position. So if you want to be ranked #1, your first step should be to make your website is a better resource for your target keyword/topic than any other website on the net. Another problem is that… Read more »

Survey Results: What Google Users Think About Privacy, Search Neutrality, & Google’s Competitors

As SEOs, we’re constantly buried in news, opinions, theories, strategies, and anything and everything else related to Google. After awhile, it’s hard to even remember how a “normal” user interacts with the Big G. That’s why we ran a couple of surveys to get some perspective on how people feel about Google’s privacy policies, the… Read more »

13 Link Building Tips From Google’s Matt Cutts

This article is a compilation of link building tips gleaned from Matt Cutt’s webmaster Q&A videos. Please note that each of the tips in this article is paraphrased from Matt Cutts, but additional text may be my opinion or analysis. I’ve included links to the videos/sources if you’d like to see/hear exactly what Matt Cutts… Read more »

You might be a black hat SEO if…

Black hat, white hat. Do this, don’t do that. It’s all so serious. We’ve decided that the whole black hat SEO issue needs an injection of humor, so we created this funny list of tell-tale signs you might be a black hat SEO. But before we get started, we wanted to mention Best SEO company…. Read more »

Script that “Fixes” Google Analytics Bounce Rate and Time on Site is a Bad Idea

I recently was alerted to a script that purports to “fix” Google Analytics bounce rate and time on site calculations. The “fixed” (lower) bounce rate is claimed to result in significant increases in Google rankings. Here is the script: <script type=”text/javascript”> (function (tos) { window.setInterval(function () { tos = (function (t) { return t[0] ==… Read more »

Post-Google Penguin Update

As most of you probably know now, Google did officially announce a significant update.  They are calling it a “webspam” update (Matt Cutts has stated that his use of the term overoptimization wasn’t an accurate characterization of the update).   It is being called the “Penguin Update”. Here is Google’s post on this algo update:… Read more »

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