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Why You Should Use Google Trends To Pinpoint Search Trends

Since most keyword tools just provide average month search volumes, seasonal variations in search volume are too often overlooked. The Google Adwords keyword tool can be adjusted to show search volume by month, but Google Trends offers an easier and more dynamic way to view search volume trends. These screenshots show how dramatic the difference… Read more »

AdCenter is pulling a “Google” by closing PPC Accounts

Much like Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter is now closing ppc accounts that they say violate their terms without giving the precise reason for closure of the account.  More details in the email below: Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 6:14 PM Subject: SRXXXXXXXXXXXID – Microsoft Advertising Support To: Dear XXXX, Based on our investigation,… Read more »

Are fake +1’s and likes the next generation of SEO spam?

First it was buying links. Now it’s buying “likes”. Fake social media likes have existed for awhile, but since the launch of Instagram, such services seem to be more common, people Buy instagram video views a lot more every day. One company,, sells 1000-1500 InstaLikes for about 90 bucks. One claim that they make,… Read more »

How Hackers Gained An Easy #1 Google Ranking With A Hack That’s Invisible To Most Users

Sometime in the past few days hackers gained access to the Webgator’s Brisbane SEO team website and used it to gain a top ranking for the term “viagra online”. They’ve used a sneaky tactic so that most visitors to the website won’t notice anything wrong (if nobody notices the hack, it will stay up longer!),… Read more »

Google Scraper and Panda Updates: What Changed and What Now?

As you likely already know, Google made several significant and sizable updates to their algorithms (how they rank websites) in February.  The two major updates are: Scraper update Farmer update, also called Panda update The updates were similar in nature, and the Farmer update was the larger so it is receiving the most attention. What… Read more »

March Newsletter: Google’s Latest Updates, Getting More Email Subscribers, a Custom Online Marketing Strategy

Welcome to the March RYP Marketing newsletter. In this issue, we’re sharing info on Google’s latest updates, tips on how to get more email subscribers, and a custom website marketing strategy. Dealing With Google’s Panda Farmer Update Google’s latest update (called Panda or Farmer) was designed to crack down on low quality websites and content…. Read more »

Google Now Showing YouTube Video Thumbnails in Ads

As seen in the below screen shot taken this morning, Google Adwords appears to be experimenting with showing a thumbnail of an advertiser’s YouTube video along with their Adwords ad: It would not be surprising if ads with these YouTube thumbnails have higher click-through-rates which would be a win-win-win for Google, the user and advertiser…. Read more »

Quick Thoughts on Seo v PPC

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) v. PPC (Pay-per-Click) – SEO is the process of engineering and marketing a website so that it will appear in the search engine free (organic) results. These results show on the left-center of the page. Pay-per-click (paid) listings appear on the right and sometimes at the top of the search results…. Read more »

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