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In Depth: Using Google Adwords Scheduling to Increase Profits

How to Find Opportunities to Change the Schedule of Your Ads to Increase Sales Improving the performance of a paid search account is a constant battle. You should always be on the lookout for ways to lower costs, increase ROI, and drive more sales from the paid search efforts. One way to find new opportunities… Read more »

Plan Your 2014 Strategy With These 10 Items From Google Analytics

Ready to start 2014 with an actionable, data-based strategy for business growth? A great place to start 2014 is with data from Google Analytics, which can tell you where to focus your efforts to drive more leads and/or sales from your website. Follow these 10 steps to quickly extract actionable data from Google Analytics (these… Read more »

5 Secrets to Finding Low Hanging Geographic Fruit in Your AdWords Campaign

When you manage a PPC account, whether it’s yours or a nationally focused client, looking for ways to improve the results often requires looking at how each geographic region performs. It’s no secret that different areas of the country respond differently. Your cost per click can vary widely from one region to the next1. The… Read more »

5 Key Factors That Could Be Holding Your Site Back

The results are in: 2012′s Digital Influence Index reported that 89% of consumers are searching online to make purchasing decisions.* The potential influence of a strong online presence is both challenging and exciting: it means depending on your strategy, you could either fall way behind or smoke the competition like never before. So, what are… Read more »

5 Mobile Statistics That Should Change Your Marketing Strategy

We’ve been hearing for several years about the imminent explosion of mobile, and how mobile devices are poised replace desktops as the most common method of browsing the web. Most small companies can’t afford to invest in trends that might happen in the future, but the time has come (at least in many industries) for… Read more »

Survey Results: What Google Users Think About Privacy, Search Neutrality, & Google’s Competitors

As SEOs, we’re constantly buried in news, opinions, theories, strategies, and anything and everything else related to Google. After awhile, it’s hard to even remember how a “normal” user interacts with the Big G. That’s why we ran a couple of surveys to get some perspective on how people feel about Google’s privacy policies, the… Read more »

AdCenter is pulling a “Google” by closing PPC Accounts

Much like Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter is now closing ppc accounts that they say violate their terms without giving the precise reason for closure of the account.  More details in the email below: Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 6:14 PM Subject: SRXXXXXXXXXXXID – Microsoft Advertising Support To: Dear XXXX, Based on our investigation,… Read more »

Google Now Showing YouTube Video Thumbnails in Ads

As seen in the below screen shot taken this morning, Google Adwords appears to be experimenting with showing a thumbnail of an advertiser’s YouTube video along with their Adwords ad: It would not be surprising if ads with these YouTube thumbnails have higher click-through-rates which would be a win-win-win for Google, the user and advertiser.