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3 Reasons Why Your Headlines Aren’t Getting Clicked

At the heart of every content marketing strategy is a core set of goals – establishing industry authority, cultivating an audience, and building consumer trust being a few of the foremost. But to even begin to tackle those goals, marketers have to persuade web users to actually lay eyes on their content. And that’s why… Read more »

3 Social Media Marketing Bloopers [And What We Should Learn From Them]

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. And with great power…comes great responsibility. The very nature of Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms makes it nearly impossible to cover up a mishap without hundreds of eyes catching it. Just a few mouse clicks and retweets later, and your business’s little blunder is an internet… Read more »

How Will the New Facebook Changes Impact Your Business Page Marketing?

Whether you like them or not, Facebook changes are rolling out and they already have begun to impact the way businesses market and measure success on their pages. At the heart of the emerging social marketing shift is a movement away from number-focused marketing (getting “likes”) toward interaction-focused marketing. This is based on several new… Read more »

What is wrong with Google’s +1 button?

Just read a thought-provoking post over at ClickFire titled Is the Google +1 Button Set to Fail?. The article presents some basic data showing that users are simply not using the +1 button. I believe that this is because the +1 button simply doesn’t do enough for users. Users click the Facebook Like button and… Read more »

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