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6 Reasons Why Your Site Should Be Mobile-Responsive

Is your company’s website mobile-responsive? (Mobile responsive means the website automatically adjusts to look and function optimally on any device – computer, smartphone, or tablet.) Making a website mobile-responsive offers several key benefits… 1) Browsing websites via a mobile device is now mainstream 58% of American adults now have a smartphone. For many websites, 30%… Read more »

Job Opening: Full Time Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Seeking job candidates interested in a unique position that combines Quickbooks/bookkeeping, administrative skills, and internet marketing! RYP Marketing has an opening for a full time marketing and administrative assistant at our Bradenton, FL location. If you’re looking for a drama-free workplace that emphasizes delivering the best value possible to the clients, RYP Marketing might be a… Read more »

In Depth: Using Google Adwords Scheduling to Increase Profits

How to Find Opportunities to Change the Schedule of Your Ads to Increase Sales Improving the performance of a paid search account is a constant battle. You should always be on the lookout for ways to lower costs, increase ROI, and drive more sales from the paid search efforts. One way to find new opportunities… Read more »

5 Key Factors That Could Be Holding Your Site Back

The results are in: 2012′s Digital Influence Index reported that 89% of consumers are searching online to make purchasing decisions.* The potential influence of a strong online presence is both challenging and exciting: it means depending on your strategy, you could either fall way behind or smoke the competition like never before. So, what are… Read more »

3 Steps for a Bulletproof Website Design

Whether it’s being developed from the ground up or getting an overhaul, most businesses find the prospect of website design a little intimidating. With so many components – functionality, scalability, and conversion-friendliess among others – it’s understandable why starting a project like this could seem daunting. However, with strategic planning, even the largest projects seem… Read more »

Increase Adwords Sales without Increasing Your Budget

As the holiday season approaches (only 7 more weekends until Christmas!), many businesses consider bumping up their Adwords budgets – and who could blame them? Online spending grows each year as buyers look to search engines rather than stores to find and purchase their gifts. So can you only increase profits by increasing your Adwords… Read more »

Hey! You! Get Back to Work!

(But if you want to read this article first, I won’t tell your boss.) Let’s be honest—no matter how hard you try to focus on the task at hand, certain websites have a mysterious gravitational power that you sometimes (just about always) don’t have the willpower to fight. One minute you’re doing research for that… Read more »

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