Google Analytics Consulting

Need help installing, troubleshooting, or utilizing Google Analytics? Meet our Google-qualified consultant...

Google Analytics Consulting:

1 hour: $125
5 hours: $475
Is your company using web analytics as effectively as it could be? With a little expert help, your company could install Google Analytics and start using the data to increase your business profits.

We can help at every step of the process - from installing the tracking code and running reports to advanced setup and conversion optimization strategy.

5 ways our Google Analytics consultant can help you use Google Analytics more effectively:

  • Setup. Need help setting up Analytics? We can assist you with everything from basic setup to advanced event tracking.
  • Track advertising ROI. We can help you correctly track, analyze and monitor Google Analytics reports that will show you exactly which ads, keywords, networks, etc. are bringing you sales and which are not.
  • More conversions. We can use Google Analytics to pinpoint strategies you can use to increase your website conversion rate.
  • More traffic. We can help you use Google Analytics to pinpoint opportunities for increased traffic.
  • Smarter decisions. Our Google Analytics consultant can help setup, collect and interpret your analytics data in an easy-to-use format so you can make smart, profitable decisions.

About our Google Analytics consultant:

Adam Thompson

Google Analytics Consultant

Credentials and Certifications:
  • Passed Google Analytics Individual certification exam
  • Certified expert in search and online marketing
  • Years of experience with web analytics and conversion optimization
  • Used Google Analytics on dozens of websites
  • Owned and operated 4 successful online businesses

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