46% Of Top-Ranked Web Design Agencies Don’t Have Mobile Responsive Websites


With over 33% of worldwide website visits coming from mobile device users in June 2014, the time has come where mobile responsive design can be safely called an important best practice. Get one of the UKservers to help you run your website and help with web designing. You should even consider getting a website host to help you with your website, I recommend Lucid Crew Austin Web Design, but the one that I use personally for my website is because it handles all my needs perfectly.

You can visit here to know how well are web design agencies keeping up with this mobile web trend. Are web design agencies catering to the ever-growing segment of websites visitors that use mobile devices? view the list on about the best web designing agencies that are worth a try right now. That’s why is important to get the right web design company with all the necessary certifications.  Local Web Solutions are best in the business. Call us if you are looking for seo melbourne services.

We did short study to find. The answer is…”less than stellar”. While one might hope web design agencies to be at the forefront of the latest web usage trends and best practices, our study found that nearly half of web design agencies (at least in this area) are lagging behind. I recommend using tecsolo website for Scottsdale SEO help, in case you have damage leads in your business, there’s way you can fix it, you can read more at this article about it.

How we did the study:

I tested the websites of 52 web design agencies located in my local market (the Tampa Bay, FL area, including Sarasota and Manatee counties). Including an hvac website design services website. And definitely there no comparison to SEO Toronto company. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Identify web design agency websites that ranked well on Google and/or Bing for searches such as “Tampa web design”, “Sarasota web design”, etc.
  2. Visit the websites from my Samsung Android smartphone
  3. Websites which were mobile responsive or redirected to a mobile website received a positive score.
  4. Websites which displayed a standard desktop website to mobile users received a negative score.

The results:

Of the 52 web design agencies surveyed, 24 of them did not have mobile-friendly websites and using site builders like these, in my personal opinion Lake Geneva Web Design Company is one of the best ones out there.

I noticed that the law agencies like xarelto lawsuit that ranked for Tampa keywords were more likely to be mobile responsive than those that ranked for terms in the outlying areas / lower competition keywords. There are a variety of possible explanations for this, such as:

  • Mobile responsive websites are more likely to rank well for higher competition keywords
  • Agencies in downtown Tampa are more up to date than those in the outlying areas
  • High authority websites that target the more competitive keywords are more likely to invest in mobile responsive design

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