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Even with all of the SEO services updates and changes to the way Google and other search engines weigh the factors involved in search rankings, links still remain one of the most important signals for proper SEO. In fact, Yando professionals say that the only thing that has really changed about the importance of links is how much quality is more effective than quantity. Links are still the votes that impact and Boost Digital Marketing for your company in the most immediate and measurable way. However, the latest strategies Sydney SEO will benefit the quality link building for SEO go way beyond just a simple link to your website that’s why so many companies as Updraft SEO company and expert seo services in Birmingham offer way more, including optimization and marketing, with companies like

Authority Sites Win

Google’s latest algorithm and ranking factor updates (Panda & Penguin) are both targeted at optimizing search results so that only authority sites get returned on the first page. A perfect world for Google would be a first page free of 1-3 page EMD niche sites with little or no fresh content, no web 2.0 results (Squidoo, Hubpages, focused on spammy “reviews” to drive affiliate sales, and an extremely limited number of websites without at least a few ranking signals that verify the legitimacy of the content (e.g. active social channels) and use the best practices for schema markup.

So what does that leave? Authority sites. That’s why big brands seem to have done so well in digital marketing since mid-2012. Google has a relatively few ways that it can judge whether or not to categorize a site as an authority. Arguably the most effective way to do that is to analyze the backlink profile in order to make inferences about where to place the site on the sliding scale of trust and authority. Have a business website? Ask a professional SEO consultant to help you attract more customers to your business.

In other words, a lot of links from “low-quality” sources most likely means that the site isn’t worthy of a high authority score because it has little or no influence, although there are ways online you can learn how to build an authority site by using different techniques. “Low-quality” in this case can be considered as any source that is easily manipulated to artificially create links (article marketing, free directories, web 2.0, etc.). Links of this sort make it easy for Google to say, “this site is just another attempt to game the system.”

In contrast, a few links from reputable sources say the exact opposite. If you sell an iPad app for productivity that gets featured on, the chances are that you have a quality product and a website that has some importance to related search queries are pretty high. Visit Shg Seo for more information on seo services. Get a few high quality links of this type and your authority score will eventually carry you to the top of the rankings, and that’s why SEO is so important and business owners invest in SEO Long Beach to improve their results and get authority.

Link Building Today, First Page Tomorrow & The Next Day

Link building with authority in mind (read building high quality links through outreach and relationship building) has the added benefit of solidifying your search rankings. Previous tactics that focused on getting a high number of backlinks was fairly effective, but forced you to build a consistent volume of links that would eventually stretch into infinity in order to keep your rankings somewhat stable.

Quality links attract other quality links. This strategy used by Red Rain SEO provided a double SEO benefit for their costumers in Atlanta.

First, as people (not search engines) read the articles and consume the content that have your links, a few will click through to your site in order to consume the linked content and/or see what else you have to say about other topics in your market. Some of those people will choose to link to your content which will add additional links to your backlink profile which directly impacts your SEO efforts. More links from quality sources = more authority = better rankings, and there are SEO companies in many different states, so you can get help with your SEO efforts, even if you’re in Atlanta or Ohio with Ohio SEO. Try using measure what matters on to make your business grow with the best technology.

Second, some of the content consumers will choose to link and share the page that has your backlink on it. As the links to that page grow, the authority of the page also grows. The more authority and trust (links) signals that point to the page where your backlink resides, the higher the value of that particular backlink will become. In other words, over time the link you made will become more valuable because people are signaling to Google that the information on that page is accurate and relevant to the industry.

As both of these things are happening, your search rankings will improve until you are eventually on page 1 for your search terms. With a bit of luck, you will even make it to #1. On top of that, as the number of links grows organically and the importance of each link increases over time, the stability of your rankings will also increase. The link building efforts of today will determine where your site ranks not just tomorrow, but the next day and the one after that. This is a far cry from the old strategy of building hundreds of links per day just to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. Not to mention that the former is “update proof” because it is exactly what Google claims that it wants according to its content guidelines on backlinks.

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It’s All About Authority & Influence

Proper link building for Search Engine Marketing is all about increasing your site’s authority in order to improve your search rankings. Emulate the success found at by employing a long term strategy to help guarantee that you’re in compliance with Google’s current and future algorithm nuances and ranking factors (read whitehat) is based on building relationships in your industry. As your authority grows your influence will grow. This will lead to natural links, better rankings, more traffic and ultimately more sales for your brand.

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