OpenCart Design & Development

We build ecommerce websites that are attractive, full-featured, search engine-friendly, and designed to convert visitors into sales.

Our OpenCart Services Include:

  • Website creation and customization. Install and customize OpenCart to build your new e-commerce site.
  • Custom theme design. We can design and code a custom OpenCart theme for your online store or simply customize an existing one.
  • Custom programming. Our programmers can develop OpenCart extensions to implement the features you need.
  • Ecommerce conversion optimization. We specialize in combining strategy, sales copy, usability, and design to help you convert more visitors into sales. Learn more about our conversion optimization services.

Ecommerce Software

We work with a variety of e-commerce platforms, and we're able to work in any PHP-based platform. However, we most often recommend one of these two options:


OpenCart is a complete ecommerce platform with a broad and robust set of features that can be fully customized. We recommend OpenCart for most ecommerce projects.

Custom Solutions

If your website has unique needs which OpenCart cannot gracefully fulfill, we can develop a custom ecommerce platform to meet your needs.

5 ways we build ecommerce sites to be more profitable:

  • Attractive. It's the finer details of design that separate good websites from great websites.
  • Full Ecommerce Features. We'll help you determine the features your business needs, then customize OpenCart to support each feature you need.
  • Easy To Use. We use our expertise in usability and conversion optimization to build your website in a way that is intuitive and easy for customers to use and purchase from.
  • Search Engine Friendly. OpenCart has excellent search-engine friendly features available. This helps your website get indexed and ensures your site is ready to launch a search marketing or SEO campaign.
  • Optimized For Conversions. One of the most critical factors that will determine the success of your ecommerce website is how many visitors it converts into sales. We use our experience with conversion optimization to build websites that motivate and guide visitors to complete the purchase.

Samples of our work:

Black Diamond Meats

Black Diamond Meats

We provided copywriting, design, and development services to create this ecommerce website.

View Our Web Design Portfolio


Typical design and development costs for a custom OpenCart website is approximately $10,000. This includes a fully custom design, extension and theme development, alpha and beta testing, and website launch.

Modifications to an existing site typically start at $1,000.

Ready to create an OpenCart website that drives sales and marketing success? Start with a free consultation and one of our senior consultants will help you create a strategy to build an ecommerce website that will drive strong sales numbers.

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