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FACT: Your company's marketing campaigns are only as good as your website conversion rate. If your website converts well, your marketing campaigns can generate more results at lower cost. See these examples of how we can improve your website's conversion rate and boost your marketing campaign results!

Offensive Security

Offensive Security, a well-known leader in the online security industry, needed conversion optimization to increase online registrations for their training courses. We implemented a new registration page and a series of 4 multivariate split tests on their most popular landing page.

RESULTS: After completing the split tests and implementing improvements, we achieved a 6.5% conversion rate on their main landing page. We implemented changes to other pages based on the test results, which increased their sitewide conversion rate from 0.9% to over 3%.



We provided copywriting and design services to create this website from the ground up to convert effectively.

RESULTS: Website achieved an over 2% conversion rate (on first time visitors!) immediately after launch.

Sports Fanfare

Sports Fanfare

Before we started, this website had a sales conversion rate from Adwords traffic of 1.04% (Stats from Yahoo Search Marketing were comparable.) We performed a full-service conversion rate optimization on the website and marketing campaigns.

RESULTS: After our conversion optimization service, Adwords traffic converted at 1.63% with an avg. cost of $11.90 per sale. Yahoo Search Marketing traffic showed similar improvement. This was a 57% + improvement in the conversion rate and a 42% + reduction in cost per sale. This data is based on 2,400+ online transactions. This resulted in a revenue increase of $30,000+ over 60 days.

Pure Point Golf Landing Page

Pure Point Golf Landing Page

The goal of this project was to create a funnel to successfully convert Adwords traffic into newsletter subscribers, then into sales. We wrote sales copy and worked with the client to create and split test this landing page.

RESULTS: The best page version achieved an over 25% lead conversion rate.

This is an ongoing project, but we have already achieved solid conversion improvements. Before we started, this site's e-commerce conversion rate was at 1.4%. We have completed about 50% of our conversion optimization strategy. So far, the conversion rate has been increased to over 2%, which is about a 40% increase.

RESULTS: Website now converts traffic to sales at over 2%.

Property Management Landing Pagec

Property Management Landing Page

We wrote and designed new copy for a landing page targeted to owners of rental properties in a local metro area. Before we started, this page had a lead conversion rate of 3% from Google Adwords traffic.

RESULTS: Landing page converts at 6%. This resulted in twice as many leads from the same AdWords budget.

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