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Talk is cheap. Results are not.

View the below examples to see a sampling of the pay per click marketing results we have achieved for our clients.

Smith Mountain Homes

This real estate website already had a successful PPC advertising campaign - our goal was to optimize the campaign and improve results.

RESULTS: After the first month of RYP Marketing managing this campaign, the following improvements were achieved:

  • Leads from Yahoo PPC increased by 1075%
  • Cost per lead from Yahoo PPC dropped by over 90%
  • Leads from Google Adwords PPC increased by 91%
  • Adwords lead conversion rate increased by 13%
  • Client stated that "after working with RYP less than one month, our lead flow was up over 50% and we ranked significantly higher in Google results for several key search terms. Now my biggest problem is how my sales team will handle all these leads!"

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Orthopaedic Clinic Campaign Optimization

Over a period of 10 months, we were able to achieve the following improvements in this campaign:

  • Click-through rate increased from 2.52% to 5.66%
  • Monthly clicks increased from 119 to 249
  • Decreased cost per click by 24%

In summary, we decreased cost, increased traffic, and increased efficiency!

Sports Fanfare

Before we started, this website had a sales conversion rate from Adwords traffic of 1.04% (Stats from Yahoo Search Marketing were comparable.) We performed a comprehensive PPC and conversion optimization on the website and marketing campaigns.

RESULTS: After our optimization work, Adwords traffic converted at 1.63% with an avg. cost of $11.90 per sale. Yahoo Search Marketing traffic showed similar improved. This was a 57 % + improvement in the conversion rate and a 42% + reduction in cost per sale. This data is based on 2,400+ online transactions. This resulted in a revenue increase of $30,000+ over 60 days.

Enterprise-Level Software PPC Promotion

Our client was a leading provider of enterprise-level software and hardware solutions to large telecommunications companies. We used Google Adwords and Facebook to successfully generate leads that were key contacts at target corporations, including IBM, Mobilink, Nokia Siemens Networks, Virgin Mobile, and others.

RESULTS: Rewrote sales copy on client's landing pages which resulted in a 220% improvement in conversion rate. Reduced lead cost by over 80%.

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