What do our customers have to say about our services?

I hired RYP to assist in a website upgrade. I have been very pleased with the work as well as the people who have been assigned to my project. Easy to work with, great quality. I do plan to hire them again soon for a second marketing project in the near future.

I have worked with RYP on several projects and they have a deep knowledge when it comes to online promotion and always over deliver.

I hired RYP in November of 2011 as I wasn't being able to keep up with Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter. I tasked them with taking full ownership of my accounts with the following goals and outcomes:

  • Reduce my spend: I noticed that I was spending 10 to 20% more every month without similar improvements in traffic and conversions. Zach was able to lower my costs by about 15 to 20% and they kept the budget under control.
  • Improve the quality of the clicks: while I was getting a good amount of traffic, I had very high bounce rates and also lots of low quality traffic that wasn't converting. RYP targeted my keywords and created new ads that attracted my audience better. This in turn helped lower my costs as my click-through-rate improved and thus helped my quality scores.
  • Increase conversions: Zach and Adam from RYP helped me re-write many of my site pages to improve conversions and quality scores. These pages are still converting very effectively.
  • Improve natural search positioning: even though this was a secondary goal, Zach and his team still kept this in mind making good recommendations and also helping us improve our rankings in critical keywords.
Based on these results and my experience dealing with RYP Marketing, I highly recommend RYP.

RYP is amazing! As an MBA and former Finalist for Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year, I thought I knew all I needed to know about marketing. As a result of hiring RYP, my Google rankings have skyrocketed, my leads have gone through the roof, and my cost per lead has dropped. I have had to bring on new reps to handle all of the business. And this is resort real estate... in this recession... in the middle of winter! I imagine the 781 leads I received in January surpasses my next ten competitors combined! (I just hope none of my competitors hear of RYP!)

RYP did an excellent job. Their pricing, quality and attention to detail all went above and beyond what I expected. I highly recommend them to anyone.

RYP presented an SEO skills workshop for me. Highly engaging, knowledgeable and humorous, which made the time go quickly. Truly an expert in the field and I hope to work with them again!

RYP works hard to deliver SEO results for their clients and does a great job of explaining the process to you.

As a UK-based digital agency we have been searching for over a year globally for an agency we could partner with to improve our search offering. We have tried several agencies in the US, UK and further afield who said they could deliver but only 1 could - RYP. This ability to get great results along with their excellent customer service, places RYP as the only company you should consider doing business with if you are serious in the US about your website.

Zachary and RYP marketing have been a tremendous asset to EQA Office Furniture in helping us with Search Engine Optimization. Zach has walked us through the process and given us a level of comfort and confidence in SEO. Excellent communications skills and follow up!

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